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Allison’s post
There are a large amount of health issues that remain a problem globally and specifically in the United States. On a national scale, the obesity epidemic is reaching a tipping point, with children and adults reaching all-time high weights on the scale. On a state-by-state basis, there are varying worries but one that remains prominent in numerous states is the issue with drug overdoses, an offshoot of the ongoing opioid epidemic in the country. No matter the location, there are health issues that must be addressed and interventions that should be utilized or created to tackle these chronic ailments.
The early 2000s was the first time that the government came forward and noted that the United States has a “growing obesity epidemic” (Galvin, 2020). At that time, there was roughly 30% of the entire population that struggled with obesity. In 2017, the rate of obesity across the country reached 42.4% while the rate of severe obesity reached almost ten percent. These statistics showcase that the public health goals set two decades prior were not successful. Of these percentages, women were more likely to be severely obese and those with less education and lower income were also more vulnerable to this issue. The thought process behind this is that healthier food options are more expensive and those with less time due to work and less income are simply not able to afford the healthier options (Galvin, 2020).
In contrast, drug overdoses vary from state to state. Larger states like California see annually just over 6,000 deaths associated with drugs while states like North and South Dakota report hardly any overdoses each year. In Florida, there were 5,268 deaths associated with drug overdoses. There is no definitive race or age that is more likely to experience this issue but many of these overdoses were noted as seeking help in the past (Centers for Disease Control, 2019). Those who suffer from chronic illnesses and chronic pain are more likely to suffer from drug addiction and overdoses due to the hope of lessening the pain they experience daily (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2020).
To combat these issues, it may be helpful to utilize the public health intervention wheel, a concept that analyzes issues on a population basis, not systems and family based. This intervention model has three levels of public health practice and 17 interventions that may prove beneficial (Schaffer

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