Discussion: The Wisdom of Sociology

provide examples of how individuals may not be as “free” as they think.
explain what is meant by considering individuals as “social beings”.
Watch/listen to the video below. Upon completion, respond to the prompts provided after the video.

(14:00; Transcript (Links to an external site.))
What is the core idea of sociology (according to Richards)?
Do you agree with his girlfriend that freedom is an illusion and everything we think, feel, imagine, hope and desire is shaped by forces out of our control that we will never see? Why or why not?
According to Richards, is anything really a personal decision? Use information from the example of suicide to explain your answer and provide an example of your own to further explore this point.
Richards offers that the wisdom of sociology is that “I am humanity” and “we are humanity.” Building off of his explanations of sociology, come up with your own definition for sociology.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 150 words in length, reflecting on the prompt above.

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