ECOM-101: E-Commerce (600 words)

Ecom101 : e-commerce project (600 words)
The full assignment and course slides are attached.
This is a collaborate project (group project) that consists of 10 parts. I only need to solve for 2 parts.
The required parts are (part 5: Site Design) and (part 6: Business software) from the assignment file.
The answer should be around 600 words in total. (a little more if needed is fine).
Please refer to the assignment file as all the details are well presented there.
Overview of the whole assignment:
In this project, you are required to evaluate one of the websites below based on what you learn from this course and your perspective. The evaluation will cover the different aspects of ECommerce such as business idea, website design, marketing, security … etc. You will need to analyze the business and provide suggestions to improve the current business situation.
The questions for my parts will
be as follow:
5. Site Design: Evaluate the website design focusing on the eight most important factors in successful ecommerce site design (ease of use, ease of purchase, simple graphics … etc.). You are required to evaluate each factor. What can be improved in the site design to be one of the most successful e-commerce websites?
6. Business software: The development of an e-commerce website requires more interactive functionalities, such as the ability to respond to user input (name and address forms), capturing customer orders for goods and services, clearing credit card transactions on the fly, consolidating price and product databases, and even adjusting advertising on the screen based on user characteristics. ➢ Explain the different types of software used on the website to perform the current functionalities. • What can be done to improve the software?
The website of choice for the project is:
Thank you ..

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