Economics Case Study

This coursework consists of five questions. You MUST answer each question. Attached to this assignment brief you find a “Poland” case study. Using this Case Study, complete the
following tasks (the total number of words for this set must not exceed 1000 words and must be at least 900 words. Don’t use Wikipedia or any source that ends in pedia or .com; and only use educational sources for example; .org, .edu etc. The paper must be in APA 7th edition FORMAT.
Turnitin plagiarism report should NOT exceed 10%.
You are only allowed to submit a file in *.doc or *.docx format (word). Any other file format is not accepted. Use two sources minimum.

You MUST only use secondary sources of data for this assignment (i.e. information that is already in the public
domain such as textbooks, newspaper articles, Annual Reports company websites, journal articles etc.).

The five questions are:
1. Explain the economic measurement and indicators evident in documents A and C of the case study.

2. Evaluate what the indicators in question 1 convey about the strengths and weaknesses of Poland’s

3. What factors have driven Poland’s economic growth since joining the European Union? (Hint: You
may want to use additional literature to answer this question.)

4. Compare documents A and C. Both documents offer different economic strengths. Explain how these
strengths are intertwined with each other.

5. The above case highlights the problem of regional imbalances. Using appropriate references, discuss
whether free market policies should be used to rectify such imbalances (Hint: a good starting point is
the book by Sloman et al. (various editions) “Economics”, Pearson publisher)

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