Ecosystems and Population Growth

A. Illustrate and label a logistic growth curve that shows the change in population of this species, with its current population oscillating around carrying capacity.

***I HAVE SUPPLIED THIS ILLUSTRATION IN THE FILES FOR REFERENCE*** You do not need to put the image I sent in the report.

B. Identify major factors that might have limited the exponential growth of a population, including one example of a density-dependent factor and one example of a density-independent factor.

1. Describe how and why each type of factor from part B causes a population to be limited and oscillate around its carrying capacity.

2. Explain carrying capacity and its relationship to population growth.

C. Explain how competition might have influenced the population growth of this species.

D. Compare the response of a human population and a natural population to limiting factors.

Note: Include both similarities and differences in how human and natural populations respond.

E. Acknowledge sources (doesn’t matter how many you use), using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

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