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Argumentative essay on why iPhone is better than Samsung
In the world today, smartphone manufacturing technology is arguably propelling the globe at a breakneck speed. There are experienced competition among the smartphone manufacturing companies for which every company aims to provide high-quality products to their customers. It has been a great challenge when making decisions between Samsung and iPhone mobile phones among many customers. iPhone mobile phone contains a variety of amazing characteristics which appear to be comparable in certain ways, for which when the characteristics are critically compared, a significant difference is determined. The features of the Samsung phone also give the user the mandate to choose which best characteristic suits him. Generally, there are several advantages of using an iPhone compared to a Samsung phone that has android-based features. In this argumentative essay, there will be deep talks concerning the two phones and the fact that they are from big companies. We will also note the discrepancies between the two products. Putting the competition aside will consider tiny variances by generating a rift between Samsung android based phones and iPhone apple-based phone users.
Basing the argument between the Samsung and the iPhone phone when purchasing these products, the following features have to be considered: the phone design, battery life, storage capacity, and processing speed. The call quality is to identify whether the quality is HD and the general phone interface and functionality, including the processing speed. The first argument will be on the beautiful designs of the two phones, taking an example of iPhone 5 features is slimmer and light than Samsung Galaxy note 2. The similar iPhone is only 7.6 millimeters thick and has 112 grams of weight, and it is constructed of glass and aluminum. iPhone 5, furthermore, is palm-friendly with a 4-inch screen; the phone is very effective. Users find it easy to use one hand when operating compared to Samsung galaxy, which is 5.8 screen inches for which is not the case for all users to use one hand when operating the gadget because the display is too large. The phone is made of diamond crystalline chambers in the cut-out, which makes the edges be brilliant sheen; the phone is defined as comfortable through the outward appearance, but the iPhone 5 product is also beautiful. In the same contrast, the Samsung-based android phone that Galaxy note two is larger than the iPhone with a thickness of 9.4 millimeters and 180 grams of weight. It provides an excellent watching experience, similar to that of the movies theater. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is impossible to operate with one hand due to its large display.
The users can scorch the dialer or the on-screen keyboard for the Samsung phone, which the iPhone phone does not have. Also, the Samsung phone is designed for sporting non-unibody design, allowing the users to switch SIM cards, batteries and increase the storage capacities by using micro SD cards. These SD cards termed memory cards or external Read Only Memory for iPhone mobile phones, do not have such services. In the same context, we would further try to evaluate various aspects concerning the two phone brands reason being their designs are incomparable,
It shows that they all have a distinct look. Comparing the cameras of the two brands, it’s found that iPhone handles most camera shoots on its own without any other app incorporated compared to Samsung galaxy. Considering the processing speed, iPhone has an HDR mode and panoramic photo option, which allows the user to take 360-degree snaps with brilliant features with high definition megapixels. The image quality of iPhone phones is of high definition with excellent and accurate colors compared to Samsung android based phones. On the same contrast between the two gadgets, iPhone phones are best in handling scenes of the wide range compared to Samsung note two, and the photos are of more contrast. On the same point, the devices have similar 30fps with similar preciseness on the camera focus at the same scenes. The clips snapped by the iPhone 5 gadget have more contrast, and from the appearance, they are less washed out in harsh sunshine.
Taking the comparison on the facial device recognition and low light mode Samsung is best suited than iPhone phone for which such features are not available in the apple-based phones. There are numerous scenes in the Samsung phones that the gallery application can be split into two screens, enhancing the users to navigate easily through the folders and diverse editing options. The music interface for both phones is user-friendly, Galaxy note 2 has more equalization options, and also it has an FM radio which is not present in an apple-based mobile phone. Both phones offer an outstanding audio quality although, the audio quality for the iPhone sounds full and scraper. There are discrepancies in functionality and user interface between the reason the phone being apple-based phones has run on IOS system which is upgradable. For the Samsung Android-based phones, its operating system fluctuates since it operates with the newest android version. Android-based phones enable their users to customize the home screen with launchers, widgets, and other features that are an exemption in the iPhone due to its standard interface state. iPhone-based phones are defined to use traditional grid icons, and every feature is well programmed and neatly arranged, tucked in its setting. Android-based phones do not support iTunes, which is well known for content synchronization and file transfer. Furthermore, comparing the Random Access Memories of the two devices, they have discrepancies for which, iPhone 5 has 1.3 Gigahertz, and Samsung note two has 1.6 gigahertz, in that iPhone 5 uses a dual-core processor and note 2 uses a quad-core processor.
Samsung phones are more capable of multitasking as compared to iPhone-based phones. On the other hand, of phone’s performance depends on the user’s ability to operate the gadget. In terms of RAM capacity, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a higher capacity than the iPhone 5, for which iPhone 5 has a ram of 1 and galaxy a ram of 2 and both 16 GB internal storage. iPhone is upgradable 32 GB as compared to Samsung phones for which users can only add macro SD card, in the same line, the micro SD is affordable. In general iPhone 5 has the best IU interface than Samsung android based phones. The galaxy note two battery fits inside with massive chassis, and it boasts the largest screen ever. When the device is in 2G mode, the battery standby is 35 hours and 16 hours in 3G mode.
On the other hand, iPhone has a long-lasting battery of 1440mAh Samsung, which has 3100mAh. iPhone has a standby battery strength when browsing and watching videos for which results are determined. Although the two phones have various discrepancies, the smart users have identified that the similarities between them. In the same line, the quality aspect is identified between the devices in that the call quality is excellent. Also, they have a de-noise application that cancels any background noise, thus making the call quality efficient all through. On the earpiece design, the receiver gets clear voices relaying clear output on the receiver. iPhone 5 has the somewhat best sound capture owing to a tri-mic configuration. In summary, the two devices perform admirably in terms of quality calls.
In a nutshell, both android based phones and iPhone phones have various benefits and drawbacks. The above context gives a glimpse overview of what the user must consider when purchasing either a Samsung or an iPhone phone. And the features analyzed to be considered include battery life durability, RAM, ROM, processing speed, storage, camera, and call quality. For this, the users are required to consider the IU and functionality. Based on the advantage weights between the iPhone phone and Samsung, iPhone carries more weight reason being it’s made of aluminum with a brilliant sheen and compatible with its users.
Bibliography annotation
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In this book, Carson brings out the market trend of Samsung phones, for which the Samsung brand seems to have slower growth in the United States, whereby other companies like Motorola Inc. are far ahead with a bigger margin. On the same note, it’s identified by the analyst; the Samsung market is running in Europe, Asia against other parts such as the USA.
Cusumano, M. A. (2013). Technology Strategy and Management: The Apple-Samsung Lawsuits. Communications Of The ACM, 56(1), 28-31. doi:10.1145/2398356. 2398366.
The spotlight is laid on the traditional perception, which is still unfolded concerning the Apple-Samsung lawsuits. The two companies are experiencing stiff competition on the day-to-day product production; nevertheless, the perceived norm iPhone is better than Samsung is unfolded.
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