Effects of Product Category on Budgeting

Your write-up should be 1 – 1.5 pages double-spaced. Please do not copy the questions in your answers. Just write the question number, then your answers. Use the terminologies you learned in this class as much as possible where approriate.

Answer then following questions for both Study 1 and Study 2
1. What was the research question being studied?
2. What was the research method used?
3. Summarize in a few sentences how the research was conducted.
4. What was the independent variable?
5. What was the dependent variable?
6. What was/were the covariates?
7. What type of statistical analysis was conducted to analyze the results?
8. Why was the type of statistical analysis mentioned in question 7 chosen for this particular analysis?
9. Would you study this research question any other way? How?

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