Electrical Engineering Question

Coursework 1 has already been completed, I need urgent help with coursework 2. Here are the values from coursework 1:
Inductor: 15mH
Intrinsic Resistance of the Inductor: 0.12 Ohm
Inverter Voltage: 245.76*sqrt(2)sin(100*pi 0.193)
Irms = 10A.
DC Link Capacitor: 6.36mF
The plant transfer functions for which the current and voltage controllers should be designed off were as follows:
i(s)/(Vinv (s)- Vac(s)) = 1/(Ls R) (For the inductor)
Vdc^2(s) / (Ppv(s) – Pac(s)) = 2/(sC)
I am willing to pay a tip for early completion

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