English Question

Very simple assignment. I’ll upload my essay to be able to answer four questions and make sure you include everything needed when you answer the questions.
Q1) Guiding Question
How does your research essay explain in detail the information you gathered from each of your sources and how does your draft begin to synthesize ideas using evidence and analysis in the writing? What areas most need improvement, and what do you think you’ll need to do to improve those?
Q2) Sources
sources for P2? Do you fully examine ideas provided in sources, and interpret those ideas for the reader? Do you engage multiple sources for each main idea or point you make in the draft? Are there any sources you need to replace, or do you need an additional source or two to support a point?
Q3) Other Project Requirements
Return to the Project Two Overview. Are you meeting the requirements for P2 sources and citations? What other requirements do you need to address?
Q4) Questions
Do you have any questions for your instructor about the project so far? Did you have any difficulty in completing this draft that you’d like to discuss with your instructor?

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