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English 101 Final Prompt (15 points) | Fall 2021 | GCC | by Professor Kristi Dalven
Introductory NoteThis prompt comes to you later than I intended, but please know that I will keep this in mind in the assessment. Most of the readings/texts upon which you will base your response/composition/post have been assigned for a while now, so I hope that you have formulated some thoughts and reactions.
You can absolutely draw on (bring in any of) your own experiences or observations as you see fit.
The final assignment asks that you critically read and think about the assigned texts and engage in some reflective, thoughtful writing.
An in-class final in a face-to-face class would allow 2 hours and 40 minutes. It is expected that one would spend at least that much time composing the response to this final assignment.
OverviewFor this assignment, you’ll reference two of the six protest songs from Module 8, along with the one-minute video clip from Fox News Sunday (from August 2017) to write a reflective commentary that weighs in on relevant issues.
PromptLook at (1) Hurt’s “argument”/assertions in the Fox News Sunday segment and (2) the possible “counter-argument”/counter-story presented in 2 of these assigned songs/videos: “Hell You Talmbout”; “Hurricane”; “Mississippi Goddam”; “Bella Ciao-Goodbye Beautiful”; “Whitey on the Moon”; and “No Knock.” What do you notice? What do you make of Hurt’s assertions/claims?Specifically, please take a stance on, or in relation to, Hurt’s contention that this country is not “a racist place” and his claim that the “real” problem is those who insist otherwise. In other words, what do you make of Hurt’s claims, especially in relation to the counter experiences and narratives presented in the assigned ‘protest’ texts/songs?
Dylan’s “Hurricane” (from 1975-76) and Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam” (from 1963) could perhaps be considered in relation to the assertions/perspective contained in the 2017 Charlie Hurt video segment.
Or juxtaposing Monae’s 2014 “Hell You Talmbout” in relation to Hurt’s claims, one could perhaps be inclined to ask, “What the h are you talking about, Charlie Hurt?”
In other words, I am suggesting that the 6 songs could be looked at as a kind of rebuttal or opposing view to the position espoused by/articulated in the Fox News Sunday clip. What do you think? What is your perspective on these issues?
The 6 texts/songs present a different lens on *America* from the one presented by Hurt, and also from the one depicted in the three Schoolhouse Rock “America Rocks!” episodes (“The Great American Melting Pot,” “Elbow Room,” and “No More Kings”).
Some of Hurt’s (

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