English Question

3-4 pages, double spaced.
12pt font, Times New Roman.
Please write a personal essay or short memoir that responds to the question: What story do you need to tell the world? I know that’s not a question that can be answered in 3-4 pages, so think of this as just one chapter of a much longer story.
Here are some prompts that could help you get started (Please interpret these questions as loosely as you want to, or ignore them altogether. They are just to help you start thinking of ideas. You do not need to answer them in your essay.):
What’s the most important lesson your parents/guardians ever taught you?
Tell a story about a precious childhood possession.
What can older people learn from your generation?
What hobbies have been passed down in your family?
Have you ever tried to hide a significant part of your identity?
Your essay should include or display:
A specific scene/moment, possibly dialogue.
Something you have learned or how you have grown.
Clear writing that is easy to understand
A defined organizational structure

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