English Question

This is a simple assignment and just you have to write about three things after reading the two essays.
Answer these 3 things for each essay
1) Summary:
In a sentence or two, summarize this essay’s main points, and indicate to the writer how those main points connect to each other and to the main intent of the essay. Detail your analysis of the information from sources and how the writer presents that information – is it presented clearly and is it easy to follow? Are points well-supported by evidence and explained in detail for the reader? Is any evidence just vaguely connected and not supportive enough?
2) Strengths:
What are the strengths of this piece of writing — what did you find particularly interesting, compelling, or memorable? In which sections do you feel you get the clearest idea of the writer’s key points and explanations; which areas could be clarified or better supported with explanation or evidence from sources?
3) Questions and Suggestions:
What are some interesting or unanswered questions the writer might try to answer in their final draft? Provide at least three suggestions for what might be improved, explained, or expanded upon.

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