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**Before reading this assignment, please read the assignment page for the Multi-Modal Research Project Essay #4.**
OverviewThe purpose of this assignment is to assemble sources for is the multimodal research project. You have already done some critical thinking and invention exercises that relate to this project. Writing in fields ranging from journalism to the health sciences is increasingly multimodal (occurring in more than one mode, such as print, electronic, visual, etc.) and mixed media. This means that writers in the 21st century, across all disciplines and career fields, need to have media and multimodal literacy skills. Whether those skills are put to use by integrating charts or graphs into reports, or by making infographics that transmit complex information, or by composing editorial news stories that incorporate video, audio, image, and text, it is important to understand the growing overlap between the principles of design and those of composition. As such, you will use your skills in rhetoric and argumentation to develop an engaging research question, conduct research, and design a multimodal project.
ProcessA good guideline for finding sources is that you should closely evaluate in detail three times as many sources as you will end up using. For instance, for a biology lab report where you are required to use two scientific studies as support, you would closely evaluate six studies on your topic to decide which is the most relevant to your specific experiment. If you were writing an ethics position paper on climate change and you were required to use four peer-reviewed academic journal articles, you would need to closely evaluate twelve articles that address your central idea in order to decide which four would be most effective in your essay. This process of careful evaluation should be applied to any literacy context where you are required to use primary and/or secondary sources to address a specific assignment or topic.
For our assignment, a multimodal research project, the potential sources you choose to evaluate closely should help you to advocate for the best “answer” to your research question(s). Depending on your topic and your audience, choose the option below that will help you most effectively provide evidence for your research project. One option isn’t “better” or “easier” than the other–they simply serve different needs. Your bibliography will also include approximately one page (250-350 words) that explains the specific criteria you will use to decide which four to include in your research essay.

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