essay prompt

Your response to the final exam essay prompt must be presented in

be at least six paragraphs in length.
contain an original title, an introduction, and a conclusion.
contain a clear, specific thesis statement that directly addresses your essay topic.
contain at least four body paragraphs in support of your thesis, each with clear, direct ties to your main argument.
contain support in the form of summary, paraphrase, or quotations from at least two of the three final exam readings (Momaday, Mason, and/or White); your support must be accompanied by proper in-text MLA citations and Works Cited page.
demonstrate your knowledge of the rules and conventions of formal academic writing (formal in tone, no first-person, avoiding contractions).
be grammatically correct (no fragments, comma splices, fused sentences, punctuation or capitalization errors); as with previous essays.

I uploaded Momaday and white essay

and I uploaded the instruction

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