Ethical Communication of Influencers on Social Media in Body Image and LifeStyle

Below is an attachment of the started paper. Also the results of the survey, mythology, ligature review, introduction, example of the project, project outline and more. Please put/ format and add things to it all together, adding a table of contents, results, discussion, references, and appendices.

(negative influencer) Please add the the story about Brittany Dawn scandal, from back in 2019, about scamming people, and false advertisement, talk about her eating disorder, the unethical communication she had. Talk about Khloe Kardashian fat shaming back in 2019 on a podcast. Her unethical communication on social media plat forms, promoting fitness and her wok out cloths when in fact she had multiple surgeries to look how she looks right now.

(postitive influencers) Talk about Iskra Lawerence, her stand in the NY subway for body positivity, the way she talk about it on instagram, shows that anyone could be a model, the products she promotes are true to what they are. Talk about Daniella Monet, being a mother, and recommending things to buy that she only uses, consumes, and/ or wears. Her transparency on social media of her life and her personal purchases and collaborations. Talk about Georgie Clarke, her positivity on the gym but also the ethical communication about not looking photo shopped on social media, how all bodies are beautiful, promoting only fitness products that she wear and/ or consumes.

Combine the Theory of Human Dignity with the way these influencers use their platforms.

Bring all of these into the research about Ethical Communication of Influencers on Social Media in Body Image and LifeStyle

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