Ethnology and Ethnography

Lassiter’s text, along with other readings, describe what it means to do anthropological
fieldwork and talk extensively about ethnography as a method along with other methods.
Based on the readings for the course specifically mentioned in this question, what makes
ethnographic fieldwork different from other types of research methods such as surveys or
archival research? What is the “goal” of the ethnographer? What stages does he/she go
through during the research process? What kinds of problems does she face? What are
some ways of resolving and going beyond the challenges she faces in the field? What
kinds of techniques and strategies does she employ? Discuss, in detail, by referring to the
appropriate Lassiter chapters and Flinn’s “Reflections of a Shy Ethnographer.”

Lassiter, Invitation to Anthropology 4th Edition

Flinn, Reflections of a Shy Ethnographer

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