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In class, we’ve discussed a few ways to think through your future careers while at Emory. Implicit in this discussion is the question: why should students want to learn? In other words, grades aside, why should students want to take a variety of classes, select a major, read articles, write essays, complete labs, and spend countless hours on assignments? What aspects of the educational process encourage students to be engaged and motivated learners? Alternately, we might also wonder how students have been socialized to reject their natural inclination for curiosity and exploration and instead focus on grades alone.

If you were tasked with speaking with high school juniors and seniors about college and were asked, “Why should we want to learn?” how would you respond? And further, how would you make a case defending the value of learning sociology? Offer three reasons/arguments and defend your stance using what you learned from at least two readings assigned in the second half of the semester that you have not discussed elsewhere in this exam. Strong responses will involve a detailed engagement with readings/topics.

75 points – limit your response to 750 words or less

ps. please use the attached as sources (in-text citation)

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