Exit Slip- Week 10

Purpose: What is an exit slip?
An exit slip provides your instructor with an informal measure of how well you have understood a topic or lesson. The exercise helps you reflect on what you have learned from the academic readings and lectures. The exit slips also allows students to express what or how you are thinking about new information. Finally, it teaches you to think critically (examining, scrutinizing, drawing conclusions, questioning, analyzing assumptions and biases, etc).
Briefly answer these 3 questions using these exact prompts.
(1) What I learned from this week’s READINGS … and these readings/topics are important because…
(2) Something I found interesting/compelling from this week’s READINGS/TOPIC is … because…
(3) Some things I still have questions about from this week’s topic include…
5 possible points for completion and the quality of your insight/reflection. Avoid surface comments/statements (I liked it because… this was really interesting… I never knew that …) and go deeper to show your critical thinking skills. You may of course, make personal/professional connections if it makes sense to the topic at hand.
**Please be sure to use the link and attached pdfs below to answer the questions above***

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