Fallacious or biased arguments

For this paper, pick TWO (2) written on-line articles that demonstrate examples of different kinds of fallacious or biased arguments. These could be from a newspaper, magazine, blog, or other on-line source. For EACH of these arguments, you must do the following:
(1) Reconstruct the problematic argument, explaining which fallacies/biases are present. You must give a clear explanation of the fallacies/biases in general and as they pertain to the article in question.
(2) Provide a charitable reconstruction of the original argument that eliminates the bad reasoning. That is, try to present a version of the argument that achieves the same conclusion as the original without committing these mistakes. In order to do this, you will need to be a bit creative, and try to come up with premises that you think the author would agree with.
(3) Analyze the new arguments that you have given with a critical eye. Are these revised versions merely valid/strong? Or have you managed to give a sound/cogent reconstruction on behalf of the original author? It is entirely possible that the best you can do is to reconstruct the argument into something with the right structure, but with some false premises.

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