family and social science

What is family stress? Is it always negative? What does it call for?
What are stressors? When are they less/more difficult to cope with? What are the 9 types of stressors? When does stressor overload or pile-up occur?
Mass incarceration: About how many people are in state and federal prisons in the U.S. and how has that number changed over time? How does that U.S. rate of incarceration compare to other countries?
What kinds of stressors do families dealing with Autism and ADHD deal with (p. 346)? What is courtesy stigma, and how does it affect these families? How do these families deal with stigma?
What are vulnerable families? What are resilient families? (p. 348)
What is a family crisis? What leads to it? What does it require? Is the outcome always negative?
Describe the ABC-X model and each of its components. According to this model, when might a family crisis develop? What are some examples of crisis-meeting resources? What are some examples of community (or community-based) resources?
How many children have incarcerated parents (pp. 358-359)? What kind of impact does this have on children, and why? What is being done to help these families?

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