Family Assessment Paper

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.

For this assignment you will watch one of the following movies and use your skills as a social worker to assess the family from a systems and resilience perspective. This assignment should be written in APA 7 format, minimum of 8 pages (not including the title and reference page). Paper perspective should be written on the conflict in the movie, not after the movie resolution.

The Blindside (I AM CHOOSING THE MOVIE THE BLINDSIDE WITH ACTRESS SANDRA BULLOCK) thank you so much! i really appreciate your help. I am a social work master’s student. this assignment is due tomorrow afternoon.

Intro: Describe the family in your movie and what the family reports is the presenting problem and current stressors. Describe cultural and diversity Identity.
Discuss the family’s risk and resiliency factors, stressors, and the family’s appraisal of the presenting problem.
Analyze support systems, communication factors, and family organization
Analyze how spirituality is present within the family system (where does the family pull their hope from? Is this an asset/strength for the family? If so, how? If you analyze that spirituality is not present with the family system, discuss how this can be further explored in future family sessions.
Discuss your views on what is the actual problem is in the family and ways you (the clinician) could help assist the family.

Provide a rationale for the strategies/intervention selected by referencing your textbook and peer-reviewed articles. (PLEASE use Solution-Focused Therapy as the intervention approach. I WILL REFERENCE MY TEXTBOOK WHEN YOU SEND ME THE COMPLETED PAPER. Thank you so much!!!!!)

Minimum of 6 peer-reviewed articles required.
Conclude the paper with a summary of the most important points discussed in essay.

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