Final presentation

For the final project, prepare a 5–7–minute PowerPoint presentation on the following:

Read the attached article and complete the activities below:

1. Identify some programs (public and private) aimed at assisting the poor or alleviating poverty. Consider especially emergency aid made available to communities, individuals, and small businesses due to the Corona virus pandemic (Find 3-5 programs, describe each one in 2 sentences, and list their websites; 6-10 sentences total).

Establish 3 criteria for assessing the success of these programs overall (that is, identify why these programs are truly helpful programs for people in need). Write 6 sentences total.

Then, evaluate them on that basis. What factors contribute to success? Explain your reasoning in 1 paragraph. This activity should take 3-4 hours.

2. Using recent census data, research the median income for the neighborhood in which you were supposed to do your service learning (or your own neighborhood if you never had a site). How does this income data compare with data for the United States in general? For this neighborhood’s city? For NJ in general? Create a chart that compares these four data points.

Try this site and look for others as well:

3. Compare the median income of people living in the neighborhood with the estimated living expenses offered by the Consumer Expenditure Survey ( for the same geographic area. What do you notice? Write a paragraph that begins with the two data points.

CREATE the PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate what you found in your research. You will be graded on what you present.

You must also submit your findings (the required sentences) in writing on that date as well. Upload to Moodle.

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