Final Project

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This is an individual project in two parts:
Part 1: Article Analysis
Select any three articles from recent editions of Advertising Age that interest you. Select only articles that you have not analyzed before and answer the following:
What about each article interested you? And why?
What is the significance of these articles to this class? (This is a broadcast and new media advertising course)
250 words
Part 2: Advertising Analysis
Choose a product from two of these industries:
Fast food
Personal care
Non-prescription or over-the-counter drugs
Exercise equipment and clothing
Find an example of a television or online commercial for the product you selected that strikes you as particularly creative and appealing Include a link to the commercial in your paper. Respond to the following questions:
What are the elements that make the commercial creative and appealing?
What is the target audience for the commercial?
How does the commercial appeal to target consumers?
Why is this commercial effective in building brand name recognition?
250-300 words.

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