follow the questions

Before answering the questions make sure to watch the lecture in its entirety. Click here to watch lecture recording(Links to an external site.). For full points, you must respond to each question in at least 3-5 sentences. Please use question and answer format, writing the question immediately before your response.
*Note: You will not be able to answer the Top Hat questions that were presented during the live class. Instead, you are required to answer the questions listed below.
Post-Lecture Responses QuestionsThis week we had guest speakers who come from a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences who share the love of adaptive sports. They each describe the barriers of adaptive sports. Pick a specific barrier that stood out to you the most and why?
Our speakers shared the benefits of adaptive sports in their lives. What are some ways that adaptive sports affect their life quality?
According to our guest lecturers, how is inspiration porn different from simply inspiring someone? Answer this in 2-3 sentences.
Respond to one of our guest speakers: Ania Flatau or Nico Marcolongo. Why did you choose them? What about them resonated with you and your own experiences or perspectives?

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