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What does it mean to be a real estate sales professional?
Define and explain the five items that create a real estate marketplace
What are the items of specialization in real estate?
Define ethics and the code of ethics.
Name and define the three civil rights acts.
What is the Rumford Fair Housing Act?
Explain the fiduciary agreement that you will have with a buyer and a seller.
Explain agency disclosure.
When do you disclose a death? When would you use a seller financing disclosure?
What is prospecting?
What is a sick building syndrome?

Define three types of prospecting and why you prefer or dislike each prospecting choice.What is for sale by owner?
How would you develop and use a prospect file?
What is a social farm?
What is a CMA?
Explain a seller’s proceeds.
Why would a client list with you?
Explain the five types of listing agreements.
What are the three items all sellers want to know?
What is a buyer broker agreement?
Would you prefer to work with buyers or sellers? Why?
How will you service your listing?
What is a caravan?
What is a broker’s open house?

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