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Individual Instructor Meeting Worksheet: Preparing for your Capstone ProjectThe goal of this worksheet, and your one-on-one meeting with the instructor, is to lay a foundation for your capstone project, so that you can begin collecting elements and resources as early as possible in the course, and then use what we are working with throughout the course to develop your ideas.Answer each question in a couple of sentences – no more than a paragraph per item. You will submit your answers to this assignment before your meeting with Dr. Meryl, and will be using it as the basis for your meeting.1. What is your topic choice? Be as specific as you can be at this stage of the game.2. Why are you interested in this? Be clear about your own interests and concerns – they are going to affect the kinds of information you’ll be drawn to, and the questions you will want to answer. (We will encourage you to step back from your own experiences to think about this.)3. What sources can you identify as where you will start exploring and researching your topic? Name at least two that, on initial exploration, seem useful and helpful. See the list on the Capstone project instructions for ideas to get you started here, and use the Picking your topic IS research video to help you if you are new to this process.4. Do you have an example of your topic that will help you start your exploration? Consider a question or problem that you’ve been thinking and/or talking about that was the genesis for your idea. Where did you find it or come across it? (cite/list your source) It’s important here to be aware of what kind of source you are using, and to have a sense from the beginning of how reliable/believable it is.5. What questions or concerns do you have at this stage of your exploration?

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