Geography Question

My Topic: Japan and Plate Tectonics: Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Explain the general causes and consequences of your chosen environmental issue.
• Explain why the environmental or climactic issue is significant to your chosen location.
• Describe what is currently being done or what could be done to ameliorate the situation
in your geographic location.
Quality Data from at least 3 credible sources (8 points)
Coherence/Narrative Flow (8 points)
Proper use of MLA-style (2 points)
Grammar/Spelling (2 points)
Citations are to be made within the text throughout the paper. An in-text citation appears at the
end of the sentence where you are referencing an idea, statistic, or piece of information from one
of your sources. The citation is placed in parentheses before the period. Do NOT put citations
only after a quote, or after a block of sentences containing data, or at the end of the paragraph. It
is ok to put a citation at the end of almost every sentence in certain paragraphs. It is better to over
cite then not enough.
You must include a bibliography. The bibliography should list the sources that you utilize in
your research paper and cite in the text. Please list the sources in alphabetical order, then by date
when there is more than one reference by an author. MLA style should be utilized consistently
throughout the entire bibliography.

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