Geology: Ocean studies

Go to the National Snow and Ice Data Center webpage:
then go to:
1) What is the National Snow and Ice Data Center? What do they do?
At the top right select “About the Cryosphere” to answer the following questions, IN YOUR OWN WORDS!
Or go directly:…
2) What is the “Cryosphere”?3) What is sea ice?4) What is the difference between sea ice and glacial ice?
5) How do icebergs form?
6) Do icebergs originate from sea ice or glaciers? 7) What does the term “ice extent” mean?
8) Is frozen ground or permafrost considered part of the cryosphere?
9) What is the difference between the seasonal patterns of Arctic ice in comparison to Antarctic ice?
10) What is the explanation for these variations?
A few additional links:
Arctic Sea Ice Extent 2019…
Expeditions and Research

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