Goals Essay

Goals Essay
Here are the guidelines for the goals essay:

1. Please draft an essay that addresses your career ambitions, as well as your plans and ideas for realizing them.
Major: Communication, possible future career: marketing, PR, media, makeup, fashion, sports…
2. Address what you envision for yourself professionally – it could be in the context of 3-5 years, 8-10 years or perhaps 15-20 years. Focus on the professional aspects where you anticipate being most satisfied. Include any specific job titles, responsibilities and expectations in that unique role. Provide any references to your industry or employer of choice.
3. Identify which opportunities you may pursue in order to progress toward your goal. Incorporate the unique skill sets and experiences that will best prepare you for your ultimate career goal. Include any other challenges/expectations you expect to face along the way.
4. Identify which individuals – either in similar positions, experiences or expertise – you would ideally like to meet/know for mentorship/guidance toward this career goal.
5. Identify any immediate steps that you intend to take (toward your ultimate career goal) while you are a student at college.
6. Discuss why you are pursuing this career goal, and how you believe it speaks to the person you are and/or the person you wish to become. Include any motivational or emotional factors that play a role in this pursuit.

Please note that the grader expects a thorough analysis of where you are now and where you see yourself professionally.

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