GSLT 220 CQ Journal


Your journal entry should meet the following requirements.
Length: 400-800 words
Your journal entry should be written in paragraph form with proper grammar and spelling. Thoughts should be well-organized and cohesive.
Your journal entry should be submitted on the template provided.
Review your CQ report and then use the following prompt as a guide to write your journal entry. Your journal entry should include an answer to each of the major sections/headings of this prompt (in bold). The bullet points under each heading are suggestions for topics to consider.
Discuss why and how the concept of CQ is relevant to you and your future personal and career goals.
Discuss the results of your Cultural Intelligence Assessment.
Discuss your strengths and growth areas in each of the four CQ dimensions (Drive, Knowledge, Action, and Strategy).
Do you agree with your scores?
What surprises you about your scores.
What experiences, background, or present challenges might be impacting those scores?
Discuss the ways you will seek to increase your CQ in the next 4 weeks as we finish this course? What about over the next year?
How does Cultural Intelligence relate to God’s story, your story, and the global story?
How can you use your CQ to understand the story of others?
How could your CQ impact your ability to share God’s story across cultural boundaries?

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