Hannah’s Hats Case Study

Now that you are familiar with Hannah’s Hats and the decision that Harry Hannah is tasked with making, you will begin the process of making a decision using the MDQ decision making model. The purpose of Week 4’s Discussion is to discuss step one of the MDQ model, possible decision statements you come up with to be discredited through discussion, validate and support the correct decision statement for the discussion, and to become familiar with Hannah’s Hats’ complex decision using the model.
The goal of this discussion is for you to understand the purpose of a decision statement. FOLLOW the directions step by step.
BY FRIDAY, complete the following:
Discuss the triggers or opportunity pushing Hannah’s Hats (HH) to make a decision.
Identify the goal Harry wants the decision to achieve in making this decision. (Later on in the model, HH will create specific objectives it wishes to accomplish in the final decision)
Examine the following decision statement: HOW CAN HARRY HANNAH INCREASE PROFITS?
Discuss the validity of this decision statement. Why is this the best decision statement for HH? Defend and support your discussion. Your logic and argument must be clear and based on the MDQ model as well as the case study facts. If it is not supportable from the facts and the purpose of the model step, it is not considered logical.
Does this decision statement seek to solve a problem or make a decision? Why?
Explain and justify why a decision statement would not contain solutions. Refer to the material addressed in Week 1 of the course.
You must use course material to support your position, which includes in-text citations and a reference list.

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