Happiness and culture

Instructions for Paper Three
Due Dates – 400 Word Draft: **The draft should have a Works Cited**
Happiness and Culture – Compare and Contrast in MLA Format
Genre: This essay will be a compare and contrast style essay on happiness across cultures. A comparison shows how two things are alike. A contrast shows how two things are different. In this case, the topic (happiness) will need to be examined from the perspective of two different countries. Most importantly, you will need to draw conclusions from the findings.Important: A large portion of the grade on this paper will be on fulfilling the requirements of a college level research paper (mainly using analysis, evaluation, and reaching conclusions, while avoiding plagiarism.
Paper Requirements:
1. The assignment must have a clear claim based on what you believe is true happiness. 2. It must use at least two countries.3. It must use four sources: two trustworthy sources (high level of trust) *and* two academic journals (four sources total).4. Any other sources for this assignment should be academic sources. Other popular sources should not be used. The majority of the essay should come from academic sources.5. All material that comes directly from sources must be in quotation marks and clearly cited. All paraphrases must also have a citation. Because of the length of the essay, please keep quotes shorter than 2-3 sentences. If it is longer, use summary or paraphrasing instead.6. The paper needs to be in MLA format with a Works Cited7. This assignment is a minimum of 900 words. If it is less than 900 words, there will be a 10% deduction for each 50 words short of requirements.8. It should be in black, 12 point, Times New Roman font 9. Standard Microsoft Word margins (1 inch on bottom and top and 1 inch on sides) 10. All work must be submitted electronically via Canvas.
Rubric / Checklist for Paper Three (Final Copy)
Format :Heading according to MLA format / Purdue Owl
Last name and page number at the top right corner of each page / Creative Title
Times New Roman 12 pt. font / Double spaced without extra spaces
Check Margins (1” top and bottom, 1” left and right)
Introduction and Thesis :
Introduce the topic / Create interest
Provide necessary (but limited) background information / Preview the rest of the essay.
Thesis at end of paragraph / Thesis is defendable and reasonable
It is approximately ½ of a double-spaced page
Balanced proofs (logos/logic, pathos/emotion, ethos/authorial credibility)
Narrow in scope (A book could not be written on topic) / Specific
Clear position / Clear argument
Not merely an announcement/statement of fact
Body ):
2 or 3 Sub-topics/Supporting Statements
Each piece of evidence is analyzed (break it down – Why is it important? What does it mean?) and evaluated (How does it connect to the larger subject?)
Paragraphs should be approximately ½ of a double-spaced pageLast line in each paragraph clearly connects back to thesis (maintaining thesis)
Author Page # format (Dories 15). If there is no author, then use title in “quotes”.
Evaluate source for trustworthinessFour sources – two from class *and* two academic journals
Every sentence that is not common knowledge (25 % of classmates would know) needs a citation. Common Knowledge does not replace evidence
Works Cited (15 points):Title is normal size and font (12 pt Times New Roman) not italicized or bold
All entries are alphabetical / Double spaced with no extra spaces
Each entry has a hanging indent
If using a works cited generator, check for ALL CAPS and make sure that italics are used properlyCheck it against a sample works cited and look for missing information
Conclusion Restate the topic, main points, and why it is important / Restate the thesis idea
Voice / Style Proofread for grammar, punctuation, and spelling (read out loud) / Avoid repetition
Check the first sentence of each paragraph for unclear pronouns (they, them, he, she, etc.)
Check for ethos (Remove I, we, us, me, you and phrases like “in my opinion”, “I think”)
Other (as needed):
Extended from other categories
Missing sources

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