Having a Blast with Active Volcanoes

Choose an active volcano from somewhere on Earth, from this online list: http://www.geo.mtu.edu/volcanoes/world.html In a well-crafted essay, cover all of the questions below. (Tip: Investigate your volcano online a bit before committing to it for this assignment; make sure there is sufficient information available about it, in English, for you to be able to meet the paper length requirement.)

What is the name of your volcano? How did it get that name?
Where on Earth is it located? (If possible, include a map.)
What kind of volcano is it?
How old is it? (if known)
What is its tectonic setting? Is it near a plate boundary? If so, which boundary, and how are the plates moving relative to each other?
When have its major eruptions taken place? What happened during those eruptions?
What kinds of rock has the volcano produced?
What is the likelihood this volcano will erupt again in our lifetimes? How dangerous might these future eruptions be?
Include at least one photograph of your volcano. Be sure to use APA format to document its source.
Share any other fascinating facts you have learned about your volcano.
2 pages in length not counting the title page or reference page

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