HCS/529 Week 3 Knowing When to Consult with a Design Team

Read the following scenario:

Two physicians purchased a 12,000-square-foot industrial warehouse in Scottsdale, Arizona. The two physicians purchased the facility prior to consulting with design professionals. The industrial warehouse will be converted into a surgery center. After their purchase, the physicians brought in a design team to complete the renovation.

Using the scenario, Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis to understand the due diligence involved in the situation. Your analysis should:

·Describe the stakeholders the physicians should have involved in the purchase.

·Explain when you would need to incorporate the expertise of stakeholders.

·Explain whether this was the most appropriate choice for building renovation.

·Describe the regulatory considerations that need to be made with respect to parking at the building.

(Use the following information to determine if the number of parking spaces meets the city requirements for the new building type:)

·The industrial warehouse has 15 parking spaces and meets the parking requirements for industrial warehouses of 1 parking stall per 800 square feet.

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