Unit 7 Assignment: The Immune System
View a video introduction to the Assignment by clicking here. Be sure to adjust your audio settings. A transcript of this video presentation is available in Course Resources.
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
Describe the microbiological characteristics of common pathogenic parasites
Describe the common fungal infections in humans
Course outcome assessed with this Assignment:
HS320-6: Explain the Immune System’s role in defense against microbial diseases and immune disorders.
Write an essay identifying the role of the Immune System in defense during a microbial infection
Highlight the main differences between parasitic and fungal infections.
Compares parasitic infection between non-immunocompromised and immunocompromised persons
Compares fungal infection between non-immunocompromised and immunocompromised persons with special reference to AIDS patients
Your essay should be a minimum of 1000 words
Be sure that your grammar, sentence structure, and word usage is appropriate. This means that you will have to edit your work yourself.
Use APA style.
Here is the link for APA Style Central

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