Health education project

Create a four-page population-focused health education design using the following case study details:
Case Study
As a registered nurse, you are working with a local home health agency that has been contracted by the state to provide health education teaching to those living in a new immigration settlement area. The immigrants are from Syria and are Muslim. Some speak English quite well, while others speak and understand little English. The ages are varied, from babies to older adults.
There is a community center in the settlement. You will be going there on a weekly basis to do health education and health promotion teaching regarding the screenings that will be offered by the public health department. These screenings are for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, diabetes, tobacco use, dental health, and communicable diseases.
Note: Some of your teaching may be prior to screening, and other teaching may be after a health issue has been uncovered. You may select which situation you will use for your plan.
Choose a health topic for screening (for example, tobacco use) and design a formal health education plan that you will use. Consider:
What age group will you choose?
What do you need to know about the characteristics of the population in order to design your teaching?
Might you choose to engage a cultural broker? If so, how will you find an appropriate broker?
After you have chosen your health topic, begin to develop your intervention in three parts. Make sure you include each item listed within the primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions.
Primary Intervention (occurs before disease development): Design workplace education related to tobacco cessation methods (COPD prevention).
Workplace intranet site: postings and links
Social media: Facebook or other social media sites
Bathroom stalls: postings of social media links and lists of cessation methods and workplace supports
Secondary Intervention (occurs after pathogenesis): Provide opportunities for screening.
Information on collaboration with state lung association for COPD screening on-site
Information regarding legislative support for increased state level COPD screening at the community level
Tertiary Intervention (limitation of disability and rehab of those with irreversible disease): Support/enhance quality of life for those diagnosed with COPD.
A plan for a workplace exercise for on-site rehab
An advocate for on-site annual influenza vaccination
An implementation plan for social support groups who are diagnosed with COPD
Your paper must be at least four pages long and have a minimum of five scholarly supporting resources. The entire paper must adhere to APA guidelines and be organized using the following structure:
Introduction to health topic chosen with epidemiology
Description of the theory, goal(s), and learning objectives for the chosen health topic
Information on the focus population with considerations necessary for teaching design (barriers to learning)
Identification of risk based on the chosen health concern
Nursing diagnoses (which are appropriate for your health topic and/or population)
Teaching/learning strategies with rationale for selection (ensuring that primary, secondary, and tertiary strategies are included)
Assessment strategies and description of implementation rationale (including time frames)

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