History Discussion

Respond to ONE question below by the fourth day of the academic week at 11:59 pm ET. Respond to TWO student posts by the last day of the academic week at 11:59 pm ET. Read the discussion guidelines which you will find under Content for further details.
1. Describe in general the rule of the Germanic peoples over former Roman territories in Western Europe. How did these territories change and evolve over time?
2. What factors led to the eventual adoption of Christianity in the Roman Empire? What factors contributed to the spread of Christianity across the empire?
3. Which of Byzantine Emperor Justinian’s policies had the longest-lasting contributions to the development of Western Civilization? In what ways did the Byzantine state reorganize itself to face the challenges of seventh- and eighth-century invasions?
4. How did geography play a role in early Islamic history and its expansion? In what ways did the Five Pillars of Islam contribute to the early expansion of the faith?
5. What were the different roles that the Prophet Muhammad played in Medina? In what ways are these roles different from those of the founders of other religions studied thus far in class?
6. What accounts for the splits in the Islamic community? Summarize the major differences between the Shi’a and Sunni sects of Islam.
7. Discuss how women and eunuchs were described in the Byzantine Empire. How did women and eunuchs navigate an incredibly misogynistic political and social system and participate in the political life of the empire?

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