History of California 1848-1945

This paper will critique material from an exhibit and compare it to book chapters. Both exhibit material and book chapters are provided. Please select a theme and critique its depiction in both the book and the exhibit, comparatively. THIS PAPER REQUIRES 25 CITATIONS. All must come exclusively from the book chapters provided or the material provided.

You need to start an introductory paragraph that presents BOTH your theme and an argumentative thesis. The thesis is argumentative because it makes a claim about the significance of the shortcomings or strengths of the exhibit: why that assessment matters, and shows your own original thinking. This introductory paragraph should be no more than the first half of the first page. In it, you need to identify a theme that connects all three periods: 1848-18776; 1876-1929; and 1929-1945.

In the body of the paper, discuss at least one concrete example from each of these three periods that relates to your theme, and evaluate the exhibit for each of these examples. You may have more than one example from each period. Your evaluation of each section will contribute to your overall your thesis argument. The exhibit section that you focus on will have strengths or weaknesses, or both, and the reasons why those are strengths or weaknesses will be central to your argument.

This essay is evidence based. Make sure your evaluation in each period draws specifically from BOTH the exhibit materials (caption quotes, objects described by you, things that are absent or present), AND the book chapters provided.

In your conclusion, review your theme and restate your thesis as a general evaluation of the treatment of that theme across your three periods of the 1848-1945 time span.

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