history of latinos/latinas in the US

‘detailed instructions’ document given by teacher provided. paper be must 4th page going on 5th page long. PLEASE MAKE SURE: it is within the scope of the class. paper cannot be based on events on modern day (2000-2021) stick with events/ figures relevant during the 19th and 20th century in USA, events and historical figures must be latino/latinas. some examples of the scope: the mexican revolution, latino social movements in the USA, important latino/latina figures in the USA PLEASE RESEARCH AND CITE 5 ACADEMIC SCHOLARLY SOURCES ONLY. also the thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. the thesis MUST be argumentative aka clear-point aka an answer to an unstated based question, see thesis of the ‘sample essay’ the teacher provided i attached as a guideline for the structure,organization, and example of an arguemntative thesis, the thesis should be like ‘proving a point’. PLEASE READ RUBRIC AND DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS DOCUMENT AND FOLLOW IT CAREFULLY PLEASE! cite the academic scholary sources on a separate page.

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