History Question

How to Submit Your Themed Essay #2 – EXTENDED Due SUNDAY 11/7 before 11:59pmPlease review the General Instructions for Themed Essays before proceeding.
Please compose your essay according to the specifications given and save it as a Word document on your computer. Adhere to standards of appropriate college composition guidelines, following the formatting in the Student Sample Essay included with the instructions for this assignment. Click on Blue Button “Submit Assignment” and attach your saved Word Document file in the submission window so it may be checked for plagiarism violations through the VeriCite checking system. If you attached a document with a file extension that is NOT compatible with Word, it cannot be opened and will not be graded.
The topics of study for this Themed Essay assignment are from chapters 20 through 25, starting with WWI, the Interwar Years of the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression of the 1930s, WWII and the Holocaust, and the Cold War. Make sure you select subjects to summarize through your theme selections that are appropriate within these topics. You may NOT repeat the use of a theme used in the first essay assignment. See LIST OF THEMES here.

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