History Question

How does the material in Ch. 12 shed any light on the current COVID 19 pandemic? I am particularly interested in your ideas on the effect of culture on human behavior during a pandemic, both in the past and present. I am also interested in how you think your worldview compares to someone’s worldview during the Black Plague.
Do not make this harder than it needs to be. We are currently involved in a pandemic of historic consequence. How does examining a previous pandemic of historic consequence help contextualize what we are living through?
Four times during the semester you will write a 500-750 word (two-three pages double spaced) “thought piece” based on the assigned reading material. These essays will focus on a question/issue that I will give you before hand and your answer will provide you something to discuss in class. Your job in these essays is to:1) demonstrate that you read the material in Worlds of History by directly discussing at least ½ of the documents from the assigned chapter in your essay. 2) demonstrate that you understood the documents by going into detail with your examples. 3) demonstrate that you have thought about the material as it relates to this class and to the world around you through a sophisticated conclusion. The care taken in creating these assignments will be reflected in the grade. I expect them to be written in a five-paragraph essay style, properly formatted and proofread. These pieces will be graded based on thoughtfulness and clarity; there are no right or wrong answers. Each thought piece should be dated, contain a title (be creative) and a word count. Must use footnotes and use multiple sources from the chapter.

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