How has organized protest or rebellion been part of U. S. life and politics between 1920-2014? Compare and contrast the efforts of THREE of the following: of labor, individual-rights, peace and environmental activists and provide specific historical examples of their methods of protest and results of their protests.

Develop a typed, double-spaced, and proofread MINIMUM 7 full pages. MAXIMUM Nine pages(Don’t count Works Cited page or a Title page), 12 font- 1″ margins, and numbered pages). Don’t use a separate title page. Support your opinion with persuasive evidence from our textbook class readings, and outside sources and websites. you need to have an Introduction, thesis statement, coherent/logical paragraphs, persuasive evidence and a conclusion. NO Bullet points. Underline your thesis statement.
Use MLA style. Cite any direct quotes or outside material used. For outside sources you must cite in Bibliography at end of paper. Underline your thesis-main argument.

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