How to Face Fear

Watch the provided video, Will Smith: How to Face Fear. Ponder and respond to the questions provided below, in an essay format . You have a 1 page limit, double-spaced. Be sure to put your name on the upper left corner of your document.
in essay format answer the following:

Considering the concepts from the chapters that we have covered to date, how would you describe this speech? How would you describe Will Smith, as an orator? What do you observe?

On the side of self-reflection, how does this video speak to you as an individual, if at all? Explain. What have you discovered about yourself since taking this class?

ENGLISH SPEECH | WILL SMITH: How to Face Fear (English Subtitles)
Learn English with Will Smith in this motivational and funny Speech. Will Smith is one of the greatest actor and in this speech he let a beautiful quote: b

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