HS 415 create 2 replies to 2 original discussion post

Create 2 responses to 2 original discussion board posts at least 300 words 3 references no older than 5 years. the original post will be provided. basically creating a response for each post.
Here is the original topic of the discussion:
Topic: Environmental Injustice
Environmental justice ensures that all communities are treated fairly and are meaningfully involved in environmental-based decisions, such as where to build a new sanitary landfill, hazardous waste repository, industrial plant, or any other such site that could create an environmental hazard for those who live in the area.
Describe a time when environmental injustice occurred. This can include any current or past events where the community was not fairly and meaningfully involved in the decision-making process.
Who is or was negatively affected? What negative health effects could or did the community experience? What other social factors compound the negative health outcomes of the community?

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