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How do you perform “rest”? Where is the stage for rest? Who performs rest and who watches? What kind of restored behaviors are part of your everyday rest routine? How does your rest routine compare to or differ from typical everyday ways that you see rest performed in society or in different cultures?
For this Performance Research Task, you will need an Instagram account. It is fine to create a temporary account with a fake name and delete it after completing the task.
Do a short Free-write reflecting on habitual ways that you rest day-to-day. Where do you rest? Do you need to be in a particular space or body position? Do you have typical activities that help you prepare to rest? What kind of “costumes” do you wear when you rest? Are there typical “props” that you use to rest? What type of lighting or sounds? Are there other “actors” (human or non-human) who are part of your rest routine? POST your free write with your final Cyber Cypher reflection.
Stage a resting space for this research task based on your free write, considering how you can create a space that is most conducive for you to rest. Get creative! Where is your stage? What props or costumes will you use? Do you need other actors to accompany you?
Consider that you will be watching/listening to the Nap Ministry video on your mobile device, while you engage in this specific rest routine. Therefore, for this experiment you may have to adjust some parts of your rest routine, in order to accommodate the use of social media, video and audio content. That is ok! The purpose of this PRT is to use performance as a tool to help you reflect more deeply and creatively about the ways you (culture and society more generally) experience and embody rest.
Now, set yourself in your resting space in the position that is best for you. Watch the Nap Ministry’s (Tricia Hersey’s) performance:
“Rest Intervention” (32:31 minutes) on Instagram
(Links to an external site.)
For this task, do not take any written or recorded notes. Allow yourself to experience “Rest Intervention” with your full attention. What happens first? What happens next? Notice how you feel in your body, do emotions come up, do you have specific physical or mental responses. Do your embodied behaviors/thoughts/feelings/emotions change over the duration of the performance?
Write a 300-350 word informal Response on your embodied experience of Rest Intervention, answering the following questions. You may rewind/rewatch the video to help you answer.
Who was performing? Who was the audience?
Where was the stage? Were there multiple stages?
What costumes did the performer or performers wear?
What embodied physical and/or emotional responses did you have while experiencing the Rest Intervention? Were you able to rest? Did you fall asleep? What did you feel in your body? How did the performance impact or change your experience of rest in the moment?
What do you think is the artist’s intention for creating Rest Intervention as a performance? Do you think the artist is successful in carrying out their intention?
Does Rest Intervention change your awareness of what rest means on a wider level, socially, historically or culturally?
Ask one question about the performance that you’d like to discuss in our synchronous class next Thursday.

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