Please review the class notes( in the file) on this topic and read the following two articles from the New Yorker Magazine:
Biden and the Blame Game at the Border (Links to an external site.)Climate Migration (Links to an external site.)
I mentioned in class that a well-thought-out immigration policy must be based, not only on benefits and costs but also on ethical considerations. This means, doing what is right, moral, just, and humane. However, as reported in the first article, designing, and implementing such a policy faces difficult challenges because of the lack of a consensus in this country on the best way forward.
As the second article makes clear, the northward migration of people displaced by climate change from their homes in the tropical parts of the Americas will continue to intensify over the next several decades. And since the greenhouse gases released by our out-of-control appetite for burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of the man-made disaster befalling them, we have a moral responsibility to offer them a refuge.
Please discuss these articles with at least one acquaintance and post your reflections on what should be the thrust of an ethical immigration policy for the U.S. As in all previous assignments, I expect a well-researched and well-documented post. Merely writing what you think off-the-top-of-your-head will be considered worthless.

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