Implementing a Network Intrusion Detection System

I need help writing a capstone project for cybersecurity the topic should be related to cybersecurity. I have chosen to implement a NIDS but if you have a better idea please reach out. If you decide to use my topic please be sure to include a tool such as SNORT or ZEEK or something in that area. I have included an IT Capstone approval form that needs to be completed and submitted in order to continue with the paper, I have also included a sample of what it should look like finished. Finally, I have included a template for the final paper and have included two examples and a grading rubric as to what it should be included in order to receive a passing grade.

It also needs to Follow this Project Checklist:

I clearly stated the relationship of the proposed project to my program emphasis.

There is a plainly stated business need/problem.

In my scenario/problem environment, I am not both an IT professional and a stakeholder.

The project is neither descriiptive (how to do something), prescriiptive (the best way to do something), nor is it strictly a research project.

Soft deliverables (training, plans, policies, etc.) are OK, but the project includes clearly stated hard deliverables, e.g., hardware/software.

I understand that former work projects may need tweaking to work as a Capstone project and that fabricated projects must be indistinguishable from reality.

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