What is needed is AN EXPERT to do an in depth analysis of the following points (they are examples of linguistics features that could be covered, there are others and more…): Everything should be adapted to the sent passage. don’t add things that don’t exist or omit elements that do. The coverage should be full and well demonstrated/explained:structured as follows:
-first a brief presentation of the author novel…….. short story where the passage is taken from.
– Brief summary of the passage (which is already short)
– Stylistic and linguistic characteristics/narratological characteritics of the passage of the passage (short / long sentences parataxis vs. hypotaxis, paragraphs; images, metaphors; poetic prose, etc.
-Other aspects: punctuation, rhythm, cultural references, insights etc Language registers, character’s idiolect / voice(s) in the source and target texts.
— Identification of the probable translation problems.
— Identification of potential translation issues.
— Identification of target text translation shifts (lexical, syntactic, and discourse levels) as well as the translator’s strategy (if any).
— Language registers, idiolect/voice(s) of characters in the source and target texts.
— Final and personal evaluation: Translation strategy consistency or inconsistency

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