Individual reflection report

A total of 4 reports must be submitted. I have so far submitted two of the reports. This is the third report that must now be written. The first reports I have written myself, but since I am not the best at writing reflections reports, they are a bit lacking in some points. I have attached both “report 1 and 2” so you can read it. I have also attached the “Marking rubric” so you can see what to comply with. In addition, I have attached an “example” from a student who had this course last year, so you can see how a good report is written.

What to write in report 3:

In short, the task is for us in a group is to find out how we can make DTU campus better. My group has chosen to work with awareness of the facilities at DTU. The reflection report consists of 4 parts, which you can also read about in the file “Marking rubric”.

Describing your current problem / solution output related to the project case
Pros and cons table

Design process that was problematic
Name dropping

Analyze and discuss this problematic point using theory
The theory should explain and engage.
Have the author’s name in the text.

Johnsetal identifies the IVs and DVs that I experiments and explains their interest via shared understaning.

Propose explicit improvements
Use theory to engage.

Ask yourself “why”. Example: We should be more creative – How? Why? What are you gonna do?

Our current concept is that we will turn DTU into a “maker” university” to be able to do that we will create” Maker Clubs ”

THE FOLLOWING ARE NOTES WHICH THE GROUP HAS WRITTEN TOGETHER: this will help you understand our concept, so you will get an idea about what to write.

The group have worked with the problem case “Lack of information about facilities on campus”. Based on the problem case several qualitative and quantitative investigations regarding the problem was performed in order to locate and identify the capacity of the problem. Thus, the problem definition was discovered “Getting students to use technical facilities at DTU more”.

Mission statement: How do we impose a maker culture at DTU encouraging students to use the technical facilities and workshops more for private, academic and start-up related purposes.

Vision: DTU is now a maker university. Creativity soars and students often hang out on campus to work on ideas in the workshops. A record number of DTU based start-ups have been measured since the transmission, and that is creating attention from industry who more often contribute to the DTU idea bank, from where students can be inspired. With a focus on the students’ capabilities being high enough now, rather than being “unfinished” students are more keen to try and test their ideas.

Dogma: It must always be easy to get access to maker-facilities such as 3D-printers, laser cutters, and workshops

Facets to the vision:
– Maker facilities are streamlined as ‘maker rooms’, to which all students have access
– Materials are offered for free and for severely reduced costs to the students
– Environments for sparring is utilized better in for example Skylab
– Marketing strategy

– Industry wants hands-on problem-solving focused candidates (quote: Elon Musk)
– DTU would like to maximize yield of investment in facilities
– Increased student quality of life: Motivation (intrinsic), confidence, inspiration
– Student learnings: More applicable/hands-on

Maker Clubs:
The creation of maker clubs with maker sessions held weekly will allow more students to experiment with design, DIY solutions, and rapid prototyping. The clubs have access to facilities and collectively buy materials and maintain the machines. At the maker sessions students with maker expertise of different backgrounds are hired to help and facilitate the members projects. Coffee and snacks will be provided – maybe from S-huset – to create a chill atmosphere for the evening sessions, so members can experience maker culture as a hobby – similarly as to playing volleyball on campus.

Facets to the vision:
– Hired aides to help facilitate students’ projects
– Events and promotion on social media
– Online infrastructure such as facebook groups for members
– It is possible to seek expertise from different backgrounds and create multidisciplinary project groups
– …

Problems in the process that you can write about:

– There is a problem in that there is so little attendance in the group. it creates problems because the team members do not know what is going on (precisely because they were not there last time). Then they sit across, and it is inefficient in our workflow. Here you can also talk about motivation.

– You can write that we did not have a method to choose the two solution concepts. We just talked our way through it. This may be a problem because it’s better to use design methods to narrow down the solution space rather than just talking through it. I have attached a picture with the solution concepts.

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