Info spreadsheet modeling for business decisions

On the chart at the bottom right you can click on LEAGUE and in this drop down select one of the 3 choice available to you.
On the LEVEL button you can select one of the levels by clicking on it. These 2 actions will update the pivot table to be unique to you.
It will be easier to do analysis if you select more than one level and/or more than one league.
You job now is to analyze the pivot table and write a business memo about it.
Business Memo can have the format:
To: Professor Porrino
From: “your name”
Date: “today’s date”
Re: Pivot Table Analysis
Attached is my analysis of the All Teams pivot table concerning “your league” and “your level”
Your assignment is to look at the pivot table and write what you observe from the results of your selection.
You also need to copy and paste a copy of the new pivot table into the middle of this memo as well as a copy of the Pivot Chart. It should be double spaced and 2 pages long.

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